Colombia's Andres Pastrana

Language: EN
Type: TV Interview
Publication: 60 Minutes
Location: Season 32, Episode 11, Segment 2
Date: December 5, 1999


60 Minutes
Episode Description
Originally Aired: December 05, 1999

"Miranda" A report on a legal challege to the Miranda Act. "Colombia's Andres Pastrana" An interview the President of Colombia and his battle with the drug cartels. "President Gore?" An interview with Vice President Al Gore

Cast and Crew


* Arthur Bloom, Director



* Don Hewitt, Executive Producer (to 2002-2003)
* Philip Scheffler, Executive Producer
* Josh Howard, Senior Producer (from 2/96 to 2003)
* Merri Lieberthal, senior Producer
* Esther Kartiganer, senior Producer
* Karen Sughrue, Producer
* Solly Granatstein, Producer
* Robert G Anderson, Producer
* Richard Greenberg, Producer
* Shari Finkelstein, Producer
* Anne Flett-Giordano, Associate Producer



* Victoria Gordon
Executive Story Editor



* Mark Brodie, Editor (film and video)
* Daniel A Panarello, Editor
* Susan Carter, Editor
* Allan M Wegman, Editor